Uh Oh! Taylor Swift Fans Angrily Dig Up Some Old Scandalous Tweets By Travis Kelce And They’re A Doozy

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Drama! Get your popcorn, ladies and gentlemen!

Fans of Taylor Swift, also annoyingly known as the “Swifties,” are not happy whatsoever (and that’s an understatement) over some old scandalous tweets, which they label as misogynistic and politically incorrect, by her apparent boyfriend Travis Kelce. And yes, like most cases, these tweets are from years ago, but we all know how 13-year-old Swifties are — they’re CRAZY!

The heat first started for Kelce when a few Swifties got mad over comments that he made on “New Heights,” a podcast hosted by him and his brother Jason, labeling women as “breeders” in a joking manner.

Welp, the anger from Swifties has escalated, as they’ve now dug up some old tweets from Kelce that he posted from 2010-2011. At the time, he was around 21 years old.

The tweets have since been deleted, but you know how the internet (and particularly Reddit) is … nothing ever dies.

Old tweets of Travis Kelce’s are resurfacing on X.
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As far as the actual tweets, they sound like some dumb ish that you would expect from a stereotypical dumb jock, which … well … Travis Kelce is, but I couldn’t care less about them.

What I wanna know: is this going to lead to a break up between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?

And also, is this the reason why Taylor Swift has had so many boyfriends? Because Swifties are bat-ish crazy? (RELATED: Taylor Swift Lands A Kiss On Travis Kelce In Front Of The Cameras)

I think we might be onto something there.

Now about that Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce breakup…