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How to Convert PNG to PDF on Mac in 2023

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Converting PNG to PDF can be necessary in many situations.

Which ones?

Well, it can come in handy when you want to maximize versatility. Unlike other formats (such as DOC), PDF files look the same on any system, regardless of screen size, fonts, or even operating system. This makes the format very flexible because you know exactly what the material will look like as it was originally intended.

Before we continue our story, we would like to recommend a place where you can convert PNG to PDF. Just click on this link, and you will be taken to the right PNG to PDF converter.

Now, let’s continue.

A PNG is an image file, not a document. Yes, they are essentially as versatile as the PDF, because they open on a wide variety of devices.


 PDF can have multiple pages, while PNG can’t.

How to convert PNG to PDF on Mac

In general, you can do it in two ways:

  1. With PDF Guru
  2. On your own (using the pre-installed MacOS tools)

Let’s break down both approaches, but in order.

Converting with PDF Guru

PDF Guru is a modern and handy tool that allows you to not only convert from one format to another but also work with it afterward.

The service is very easy to use. The process is as follows:

  1. Go to the official PDF Guru website (the homepage, to be precise — https://pdfguru.com/).
  2. Create an account or log in with your existing Google account.
  3. Next, pay attention to the “Conversion to PDF” scoreboard.
  4. In this panel, you need to select “PNG to PDF.”
  5. Once you do, you’ll be taken to a separate page. There, you will be greeted by a pink rectangle where you can drag and drop your image or photo to convert it to PDF.
  6. After selecting a file, you will need to pay for a one-week subscription that will cost you $0.99.
  7. Then you just need to get your finished file and edit it if necessary. You can also do that with our tools by clicking on “Edit a PDF.”

Converting with MacOS tools

The main working tool for you, in this case, will be “Preview.” This is how the algorithm of your actions will look like:

In this Mac application, open a PNG, then select the “File” and “Export” menu.

Open the Format pop-up menu and select the file type.

Type a new name or select a new location to save the converted file, then click Save.

Is it safe to convert PNG to PDF?

Yes, absolutely. When you use PDG Guru, we can guarantee your safety. We do not touch your source files, so your PNGs will not be affected in any way.

In addition, our system removes all content from our server after a certain amount of time. Your downloaded and converted files will be deleted one way or another, so your confidential information remains safe.

How else can I convert?

You can also convert using OCR.

This is useful if you need to recognize text in a PNG file and make it searchable, copyable, and editable. In this case, you will need to convert PNG to searchable and editable PDF using OCR.

What is OCR?

It stands for Optical Character Recognition. You can download an application that does this from the App Store, install it, and start converting scanned content.

But it will only help you with text. This technology can’t scan images, so your options here are severely limited.

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