Video Shows Female Pool Player Refusing To Compete Against Transgender, Biological Male


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Footage shared Wednesday by TheDC Shorts showed the moment a female pool player refused to compete against a biological male claiming to be a woman … and it’s inspiring.

Professional female pool player Lynne Pinches, 50, was absolutely killing it at the Women’s Champions of Champions tournament in Denbighshire, Wales, until the governing body behind the tournament decided to ignore science and common sense and allow a man to compete against her.

Pinches is a 30-year veteran of the sport and forfeited her chance to win Saturday’s tournament because the governing body put her up against a man who called himself Harriet Haynes, and thinks he’s suddenly a woman, according to the Daily Mail.

“I’ve never conceded so much as a frame, never mind a match. It was only my fourth final, but the trophy or money meant nothing to me without fairness. That’s what I said to the tournament director afterwards,” Pinches said, according to WION.

“I would never do that to embarrass anybody, but no one cares how humiliating it is for us as women,” she noted. (RELATED: Maxim Names A Dude Who Pleaded Guilty To Stalking As One Of The 100 Hottest Women)

Pinches apparently received a standing ovation for her decision, while her competitor called her actions “regretful bigotry.” Obviously, this is not the case. Having men in women’s spaces is a bad thing for our gender, and only mentally ill women seem to think it’s normal. Why any man would want to hold a female trophy is beyond me, but it definitely speaks to something much darker and deeper inside their ego that makes them want to hurt women as they consistently do.