New York Jets’ Zach Wilson Thrashes His Head Coach Robert Saleh And Then Hilariously Gets Pulled From The Game

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This is so New York Jets.

It only took 11 weeks to do it, but the New York Jets finally pulled the trigger and put Zach Wilson on the bench, coming in the third quarter of the contest between the Jets and Buffalo Bills. And you guessed it! Wilson was dismal, per usual.

The Jets were losing to the Bills, 29-6, when head coach Robert Saleh made the decision, putting Tim Boyle in the game. Wilson only threw 81 yards, a touchdown and interception off 7-of-15 passing.

Better late than never, I guess, for Saleh and New York. (RELATED: Chicago Bears’ Braxton Jones Erupts After Being Taken Out Of The Game)

Some interesting numbers from OutKick, and to showcase truly how bad the Jets offense has been: New York only tallied one touchdown against Buffalo, and in their past 13 quarters, it was the team’s first. And in their past 43 possessions, it was the Jets’ first TD. And that’s not all, the points were scored on the first touchdown drive for New York that featured multiple plays since October 1.

In other words, it’s been outright horrendous, and Wilson was understandably benched. However, in straight up comedy, he wasn’t taken out of the game until he thrashed Saleh on the sidelines while scrambling.


Like hot damn, it took a while for the Jets to bench Zach Wilson, and with how everything went down, you can’t help but to wonder if Saleh getting smashed was his trigger point to make the move.

Regardless … hilarious!