Broncos’ Kareem Jackson Hit With Yet Another 4-Game Suspension After Brutal Knock On Vikings’ Josh Dobbs

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Three strikes and you’re out from the NFL?

Kareem Jackson, who is a defensive back for the Denver Broncos, has one hell of a reputation when it comes to being a slobberknocker in the National Football League … and though that’s normally a good thing, it’s not when the head is involved. Especially when it happens over and over and over … and over again.

And well, the NFL has had enough, with the league announcing Monday that the 35-year-old has been hit with a second four-game suspension — and without pay at that.

Jackson was suspended four games in October after a brutal knock on Green Bay Packers tight end Luke Musgrave, and he was also ejected for the second time this season in that play. (RELATED: Off-Field Brawl Pops Off Between New York Jets, Buffalo Bills While Heading Back To Locker Rooms)

The Broncos defensive back decided to appeal the suspension, with an impartial arbitrator bringing the ban down to two contests rather than four. This time around, with the circumstances being what they are, that’s unlikely to happen again.

Taking on the Minnesota Vikings in a Sunday contest, Jackson brought down his helmet and slammed right into quarterback Josh Dobbs.

Here are the previous shots from Jackson:

If you’re the NFL, you have to be thinking … three strikes and you’re out?