Philadelphia Flyers’ Gritty Scores Date With Little Kid’s Mom After Straight Schoolin’ Him On The Ice

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My man Gritty!

Ever since Gritty has become a thing for the Philadelphia Flyers, he’s done a fantastic job of getting attention for himself and the team — hell, I’m writing about him right now. And that’s because he’s consistently doing stunts like this one, where he scored a date with some kid’s mom.

Not even kidding you.

While on the ice, Gritty was looking for a kid to play against him in hockey, where the kid would be the goalie and the mascot would try to score on him. He even had a sign to advertise the contest that had betting stipulations. (RELATED: ‘Like My Mom’s Bathing Suits’: Jim Harbaugh Makes One Of The Most Awkward Comparisons In College Football History)

“Make a save, you get my stick. I score … I date your mom. Deal?”

Well, some kid took him up on the challenge, because you know how kids are … they can sometimes be smart asses and think they can do something better than adults, or in this case, Gritty! Yeah, that turned out to be an epic fail, and to make it worse for the kid and making Gritty far more legendary than what he already is, Gritty captioned the highlight with, “plz, call me dad.”

Just a brutal schooling by Gritty.

Holy cow, man. I think we need to start having the conversation regarding Gritty being among the greatest mascots of all time. Have we seen a more fire stunt than this one?

And while we’re on the subject of Gritty, shoutout to Philadelphia for producing great mascots.

The Phillie Phanatic is pure genius:

And now here they are with Gritty.

Props, Philly. Props.