Prison Guards In Belgium Accused Of Organizing Jacuzzi Orgies

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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Guards and staff at the Lantin Prison in Belgium are accused of engaging in sexual activities during and after work hours, according to a report by a Belgian news outlet Sudinfo.

Belgium’s largest prison is facing allegations of sexual misconduct among its guards and staff, Fox News reported Sunday. The scandal includes claims of organized sex parties, which reportedly occurred after working hours, and was often held at a jacuzzi owned by a male guard referred to as “P.” The guards allegedly used a unique system where participants would choose their sexual partners by drawing colorful bracelets.

One staff member, referred to as “S,” was described as a “nymphomaniac” in the reports and she allegedly demanded sex from her colleagues as a condition to perform her work duties, Daily Star reported. The employee allegedly used a senior official’s office for sexual encounters with co-workers during her shifts. (RELATED: Masks, Walls And Sex Parties: NYC Issues Yet Another Graphic List Of Pandemic Sex Guidelines)

“She used to come to see him every day as a visitor, being very friendly with the families of the detainees in the waiting room,” the source revealed, per Daily Star. “She was very arrogant and haughty with the agents who were watching the visiting room. Her admission to Lantin, at the time, was a [shock], especially since, as a visitor for a year, she passed overnight to prison officer.”

The report also mentions that “S” was previously a regular visitor to the prison. Her brother is an inmate convicted of murdering a gay man, but was transferred to Huy Prison. Her hiring at Lantin Prison, given her past as a visitor and her relationship with an inmate, was described as shocking by the source.

Additionally, guard “P” was reportedly banned from the women’s wing of the prison following allegations of sexual encounters with female inmates. The extent to which other staff might have engaged in sexual activities with inmates remains unclear.

“S” has reportedly been reassigned to work solely in the women’s wing, purportedly to mitigate her sexual behavior. Meanwhile, an official investigation into these allegations is ongoing.