Did Snoop Dogg Really Quit Smoking To Start A New Business — Or Is This His Way Of Finding Privacy?

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Snoop Dogg revealed he was quitting smoking, then revealed a new business venture that plays on those words — but is he hiding something?

The legendary rapper shocked fans Nov. 16 when he issued a statement saying he was “giving up smoke.” He presented the news with a serious tone, and shared an image of himself with his hands in prayer.

But then his representatives released news of a new business venture called “Solo Stove,” and branded it as a smokeless fire pit in a play on Snoop Dogg’s words. Some fans are following the bouncing ball and assuming this was a marketing ploy, while others believe the artist is trying to get the attention off a more serious matter.


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Let’s break this down.

Snoop Dogg’s initial post read, “After much consideration and conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke.”

He followed that up with, “Please respect my privacy at this time.”

The next day, he posted to Instagram again, this time with a strong-arm emoji and another prayer symbol, and wrote, “Please respect my privacy.”


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Fans flooded the star’s social media pages with concern for his health and well being. Fellow stars Meek Mill and Coi Leray joined Snoop Dogg in a show of solidarity and also declared they’d kick their habit.

A downcast image of Snoop Dogg soon followed, with the words, “natural high.”

Suddenly, Snoop Dogg released a video to his Instagram page in which he promotes “Solo Stove,” and he taunted his fans by suggesting this was all a marketing technique to garner more attention for “Smokeless Stove.”


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Solo Stove is selling a limited-edition bundle that includes a version they say was designed by Snoop Dogg himself and comes with a sticker pack and a Snoop Dogg hat, according to Reviewed.

Do you know how much it would cost for that company to garner enough attention from Snoop Dogg to advertise them this heavily? Does Solo Stove have deep enough pockets for this venture? (RELATED: Snoop Dogg Makes Shocking, Life-Changing Announcement)

While the world is following along and tuning in to the clever marketing partnership, Snoop Dogg has gotten exactly what he wished for: Privacy at this time.


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Is he sick? Is someone around him suffering from the effects of smoking marijuana?

He now has everyone’s attention diverted. Potentially so he can put the focus on more urgent matters at hand.