Video Shows Moment Police Took Down Saw-Wielding Man Doused In Gasoline

Screenshot/KOMO News

Dana Abizaid Contributor
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Newly released video from the Kent Police Department in Washington shows footage of a man charging at police with a circular saw before officers fatally shoot him, KOMO News reported.

The incident, caught on home surveillance video in April, shows Dylan Wallace rushing at police with a circular saw and getting within 10 feet before officers take him down, according to KOMO News.

Immediately before the attack, the suspect allegedly drank and poured gasoline all over himself, KOMO NEWS reported police saying. (RELATED: Police Fatally Shoot Man Who Allegedly Stabbed Officer During Scuffle)


The incident happened just a few hundred feet from the Kent School District Headquarters and within a block of a popular daycare center, KOMO News reported.

“We didn’t know much, but at least we knew the kids were safe and that we would be notified when we could go and get them,” one parent told KOMO News at the time of the attack.

Officers initially responded to a domestic violence call at Wallace’s home and were reportedly told by his roommate that she saw Wallace drinking and dousing himself with gasoline, according to police.

Video surveillance shows a gas canister being tossed onto Wallace’s driveway just moments before he was shot by police, KOMO News reported. Footage then shows officers retreating as Wallace comes out of the garage and charges them with a circular saw before officers open fire and kill him, the outlet reported.

Wallace reportedly squeezed the saw’s trigger as he charged police, KOMO News reported.

The surveillance video also shows EMS personnel trying to save Wallace, but it was too late, according to KOMO News.