Browns’ Dorian Thompson-Robinson Booted From Game After Being Blasted By … What Do You Mean ‘Roughing The Passer’?!

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What a hit! Too bad the referees completely screwed it up …

Dorian Thompson-Robinson (DTR) a rookie quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, took a brutal smash Sunday from Denver Broncos linebacker Baron Browning. And, have mercy, was it a beautiful hit by Browning!

Buuutttt, we all know how the modern-day NFL is. You can’t sneeze on a quarterback without getting in trouble.

After the knock, DTR stayed on the ground appearing to be in some serious pain, which seemingly resulted in a referee throwing a flag due to it being a bit late. (RELATED: Steelers’ Diontae Johnson Blatantly Gives Up On A Play To Hurt His Team And Deserves To Be Blasted For This Nonsense)

In an attempt to get away from the Broncos’ pass rush, Thompson-Robinson took off back towards Cleveland‘s end zone. Realizing there wasn’t a play he could make, Thompson-Robinson eventually just threw the ball away.

The problem, however, was as soon as he launched the ball, Browning absolutely crushed him with a pounding blow.


What a B.S. call by the referees but, honestly, the real takeaway is how much money this play made me.

In a PrizePicks betting slip, I had Dorian Thompson-Robinson hitting the under when it came to throwing 174.5 yards, so even though I feel bad for DTR, I hope that man knows his injury got me paid.

I actually landed two bets Sunday for a solid profit:

Send me your Cash App, Dorian, because I feel like I owe you a few dollars for this one.