High School Football Player Drops Jaws With Insane Interception

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A high school football player in Michigan left the crowd stunned with a jaw-dropping interception Sunday.

Adrian Walker Jr., a linebacker for Belleville high school, leaped in the air and tipped a pass from Southfield A&T quarterback Isaiah Marshall around the 25-yard line. Walker caught the tipped ball behind his back for an interception. The linebacker returned the interception roughly 15 yards until he was tripped up by a Southfield A&T player around his opponent’s 10-yard line.

Walker’s teammates immediately surrounded him in celebration, pressing their helmets up against his and shouting words of encouragement. The crowd erupted at Walker’s highlight-reel play, cheering, pumping fists and jumping in joy.

The announcers were also not shy about praising the high schooler.

“Adrian Walker with dynamic skills!” exclaimed one announcer.

“Oh, my goodness,” said the other announcer. “He goes up with two, stops it and then, behind his back, he reaches and sticks it for an interception for the Belleville defense. What an amazing play! Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.” (RELATED: High School Football Player Caught Game-Winning Interception And Then Had It Snatched Away To Lose State Championship)

“This is some kind of unbelievable play,” the first announcer said in agreement.

Belleville played Southfield A&T for the Division I state championship Sunday in Detroit. Walker has reportedly racked up an impressive offer sheet from premier college football programs including LSU, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Colorado, according to 247.