‘Woke’ Doctor Who Episode Draws Backlash For ‘Misgendering’ Scene Featuring Trans Teenager


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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The 60th-anniversary episode of “Doctor Who” featured a transgender sidekick who scolds the show’s main character for “misgendering” an alien, eliciting backlash from conservatives on X.

Doctor Who called an alien known as Beep the Meep a “him,” when a transgender character, who is the child of former sidekick Donna Noble, said, “You’re assuming he as a pronoun?” (RELATED: Gender Doc Admits He’s Transitioning A 7-Year-Old)

“My chosen pronoun is the definite article. I am always ‘The Meep,'” the alien said after Dr. Who apologized and asked if the character was a, “he, she, or they.”

The character later refers to Doctor Who as “male-presenting.”

“You’ve got all that power. But there is a way to get rid of it. Something a male-presenting time-Lord will never understand.”

The scenes garnered criticism on social media, with fans accusing the show’s producers of trying to “brainwash” viewers.

“Absolutely no need for the trans storyline #DrWho. Dr Who is about escapism,” one user wrote. “Not trying to brainwash everyone into all this gender crap. I’m so disappointed and I feel sorry for my son with learning difficulties who doesn’t understand this misogynistic crap!”

“Dr. Who got infected by the woke mind virus,” commentator Elijah Schaffer said.