Liberal Writer Demands Roger Goodell Condemn A Literal Child Who Painted His Face For An NFL Game

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Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Stop me if you’ve heard this before: a liberal is dead wrong and refusing to admit it.

Carron J. Phillips, a self-described Pulitzer nominee and senior writer at Deadspin, wants the NFL to do more to ruin the life of this child.

Enraged over the child’s use of red and black face paint while supporting his Kansas City Chiefs, Carron took to the internet to ensure the kid’s image would be plastered across Twitter all day, tweeting an article out with the caption “A Kansas City fan showed up on Sunday in Black face, wearing a Native headdress. Yup, they’re doubling up on the racism. The NFL and Roger Goodell need to speak out against this.”

The problem with that? The Chiefs actually did ban the use of headdresses in 2020. While it’s unclear if the Las Vegas Raiders or Allegiant Stadium, where the game was being played, have banned the ceremonial garb (we reached out to inquire but did not get a response,) it’s wild to accuse the league of simply ignoring the problem. (RELATED: Washington Commanders Fire Jack Del Rio After Blowout Loss On Thanksgiving)

In his article, Phillips asks a number of questions including: “Why did the camera person give this fan the attention?” and “Why did the producer allow that camera angle to be aired at all?” Those are both fair questions, but they invoke another question which is: if you recognize that shining a spotlight on the kid was wrong, why are you choosing to amplify it?

Here’s another question, why do you care? In the league that’s arguably done the most to stamp out racism in America out of any professional sports league, including painting “end racism” on every stadium’s turf and team’s helmets, and instituting the “Rooney Rule,” which states teams must interview minority head coaching and executive candidates or risk losing a draft pick, what more do you want them to do? Should Roger Goodell pay a visit to the child’s home? Sit him down and say “Listen here buddy, I know you were just trying to show your support and passion for your favorite team, but some guy wants to win a Pulitzer so now we need the whole world to hate you.”

Where is the editorial responsibility in this? Phillips also asks “Is that fan a kid/teenager or a young adult?” as if it matters. Is there some threshold where it would be ok to try and ruin a person’s life because they painted their face? “If he’s 14 he gets a pass, if he’s 15… reeducation camp!”

You’d think the left would learn their lesson after the Covington debacle, in which a group of well-to-do liberals endorsed the doxxing, and in some cases outright violence against, then-19-year-old Nicholas Sandmann for the crime of wearing a MAGA hat. Sandmann would go on to sue many who slandered him, including Kathy Griffin, CNN and the Washington Post. Sandmann, who was seeking over $275 million in damages from CNN, eventually settled with them as well as the Washington Post.

Despite the Biden administration’s Orwellian lies on inflation, costs for essentials are still insanely high relative to the average American’s income. The United States’ foreign debt is ballooning, forcing the government to incur increasingly massive interest payments every month. 63 percent of Americans can’t afford a $500 emergency and cities are being forced to redirect their public service budgets to accommodate an ever-expanding population of undocumented migrants. But sure, Carron, let’s attack a teenager over some face paint. Here’s hoping this is the story that pushes him from a Pulitzer nominee to a bonafide award winner. (RELATED: Here’s How A $16 McDonald’s Meal Might Crush Biden’s 2024 Hopes)