Woman Sues Restaurant After Allegedly Finding Human Finger In Her Salad


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A Greenwich, Connecticut, woman has filed a lawsuit against a salad chain, claiming she found a piece of a human finger in her salad, CBS News reported.

Allison Cozzi alleges the incident occurred on April 7, 2023, at a Chopt location in Mount Kisco, New York, according to CBS News.

Cozzi allegedly discovered she was “chewing on a portion of a human finger that had been mixed in to, and made a part of, the salad.” The lawsuit alleges that a manager at the restaurant accidentally severed a piece of her left pointer finger while chopping arugula, which was then allegedly served to customers, including Cozzi, per CBS News.

The Westchester County health department records indicate that Chopt was fined $900 following the incident, CBS reported. Cozzi reports suffering from cognitive impairment, shock, migraines, panic attacks, nausea, dizziness, and neck and shoulder pain due to the experience, the outlet noted. (RELATED: Celebrity Chef, Food Network Host Dead After Suffering Allergic Reaction)

Cozzi is seeking unspecified monetary damages in her lawsuit. Chopt Creative Salad Co., which operates over 70 locations across the eastern United States, has not yet commented on the lawsuit, CBS noted.

In 2016, a pregnant woman in California claimed to have found a bloody fingertip in a salad at an Applebee’s restaurant in Paso Robles, CBS noted. In 2012, a teen alleged that a finger including a knuckle was inside his Arby’s roast beef sandwich, CBS News reported.