Lawsuit Alleges ‘Broken Glass’ Found In Food At Disney World ‘Led To Extensive Bleeding’

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Alexander Pease Contributor
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Disney is facing a lawsuit from a park-goer who alleges she was served breakfast at Magic Kingdom that contained broken glass and was injured from consuming it.

The plaintiff, Mary Brumbaugh of Illinois, sued Disney for negligence and exposing her to a dangerous situation. The lawsuit alleges she was injured after biting into shards of glass in eggs she was served at Cinderella’s Royal Table, an eatery based inside the Cinderella Castle at Disney World in 2019, according to Florida Politics.

“When (Brumbaugh) ate her eggs, she bit into broken glass that was contained within the eggs,” the lawsuit reads. (RELATED: Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation Ending The ‘Corporate Kingdom’ Of Walt Disney World)

Brumbaugh alleged in the suit that biting into the breakfast dish fractured two of her dental crowns and brought about “extensive bleeding” in the her mouth. This allegedly forced the woman to spend a considerable amount of money on medical bills paid out to both her dentist and family doctor to remedy the injuries, according to the report.

The suit also claims the incident also caused the plaintiff emotional damage.

The lawsuit against Disney was filed in an Orange County Circuit Court by the law firm Morgan & Morgan. (RELATED: Iconic Disney Animator Rolly Crump Dies At 93)

The attorneys representing on Brumbaugh’s behalf, John Morgan and Scott Halperin, stated Wednesday that “We are working to ensure Disney is held accountable for their alleged negligence and to ensure they take more care to prevent future incidents like this,” according to the outlet.

Brumbaugh’s suit seeks more than $50,000 in damages from Disney.