Oklahoma City Thunder’s Josh Giddey Slammed With Boos After Being Accused Of Dating Underage Girl

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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If the allegations are true, Josh Giddey deserves every boo he gets hit with.

The Oklahoma City Thunder and Minnesota Timberwolves squared off Tuesday night at Target Center, and it became quite evident very quickly that OKC small forward Josh Giddey was NOT welcome in the building.

As they should have (if the allegations are true, of course), Timberwolves fans absolutely hammered Giddey with boos, and did so every time he touched the basketball. And we’re not talking about your average boos here, Minnesota fans made it clear that they had no interest in Giddey — who is facing serious allegations — being on their court.

An investigation has been launched by the Newport Beach (Calif.) Police Department into Giddey after rumors started spreading online accusing the 21-year-old Australian of dating a girl who is underage, according to OutKick.


Now let’s make it very, very clear before I get into my take. None of the online rumors surrounding Giddey have been confirmed and no charges have been filed, this is all allegedly … ALLEGEDLY, ALLEGEDLY, ALLEGEDLY!

With that being said, if the rumors are true, I want Josh Giddey out of the league. I have a lot of tolerance for a lot of different nonsense that athletes do, but this … PEDOPHILIA (I don’t care what else you want to call it) … will not whatsoever be tolerated by me. NEVER. If you can’t tell, it makes me livid, just thinking about it I get angry.

I’m not accusing Giddey of anything, let the judicial process play out, but I’m just saying… (RELATED: REPORT: NBA Investigating Oklahoma City Thunder Guard Josh Giddey For Alleged Relationship With 15-Year-Old)

If true, he needs to bounce.