‘Cancel Culture, Stick It Up Your Ass’: Dan Bongino Opens Show Wearing Chiefs Face Paint

[Screenshot The Dan Bongino Show]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Dan Bongino opened “The Dan Bongino Show” on Thursday wearing Chiefs face paint in a giant middle finger to cancel culture.

“So folks sometimes you just gotta give the double-barrel middle finger and tell cancel culture portions of liberal leftist socialist communist America: You can take cancel culture, in a nice ball, you can roll it up just like this, big or small I don’t really care, you can take it and you can stick it right up your ass!”

“So this little paint job we did on my face today…this is dedicated to the Carron’s of the world … I’m not taking the cancel culture bullshit anymore,” Bongino said.

A young Chief’s fan has been smeared after a senior writer at Deadspin circulated a photo of the fan at a Chiefs-Raiders game in Las Vegas on Sunday accusing him of blackface. One half of the child’s face was painted black, the other red. (RELATED: Deadspin Staffer Defends Writer Who Tried To Destroy Child’s Life By Baselessly Calling Him Racist)

Carron Phillips tried to accuse the child of being racist toward Native Americans for wearing a headdress and doing the tomahawk chop. The child is Native American, according to his family.

The child’s headdress resembled the logo used in the 1960’s and early 1970’s depicting a Native American wearing a large headdress and carrying a hatchet.