The College Football Playoff Is Officially Set, With Florida State Getting Royally Screwed

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Tallahassee should be LIVID! (And I’m sure they are)

The College Football Playoff is officially set, with Michigan, Washington, Texas and Alabama all clinching spots with the committee to compete for the national championship.

You’re probably thinking, “wait, no Florida State?” Nope. They got screwed, and royally, becoming the first undefeated Power 5 champion in CFP history to not make it into the Top 4.

The committee’s — let’s be honest here — blatant bias against the Seminoles had them finishing fifth, despite having an undefeated 13-0 record and winning the ACC championship this past Saturday night over Louisville. (RELATED: Florida State Seminoles Gloriously Win ACC Championship Despite Having To Rely On Third-String QB Brock Glenn)

And we all know why this is going on … it’s not just because of the incredible SEC bias that’s happening (you’ve gotta protect the SEC), but they somehow ridiculously manage to KNOW that FSU won’t be competitive based on not having Jordan Travis, and potentially Tate Rodemaker too. And this despite beating a ranked team to win their conference championship without both! It’s just ridiculous!

The defending national champion Georgia Bulldogs should also be noted here, who finished in the No. 6 spot after suffering a defeat in the SEC championship to the Crimson Tide, also putting them outside of the CFP.

What a travesty, truly an embarrassment by the NCAA and College Football Playoff committee.

And Florida State‘s athletic director let them have it. Just check out this absolute fireball of a statement:

What a tainted College Football Playoff, and the damn thing hasn’t even started yet. Sad.