Are You A Real-Life Roughneck? ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Wants You For His Next Show

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“Yellowstone” co-creator Taylor Sheridan has apparently launched an open-call for background actors on his next big show … and trust me, it’s going to be a BIG show.

We’re talking about “Land Man,” a major new series from the mind behind the “Yellowstone,” “Special Ops,” and “Tulsa King” series. The show is set in West Texas and focuses on the oil industry. Billy Bob Thornton will play the lead, a crisis manager named Tommy Norris — and you might get a chance to work alongside him (he’s a lot taller than you’d imagine).

A local agency to the filming location put out a call for real-life oil and gas workers, or roughnecks, to appear on the show, according to MRT. Right now, the call is only for people who have real oilfield experience working on rigs, but other types of experience will likely be called upon in 2024.

Successful “actors” will receive both regular and travel pay, and production is expected to run from February to summer 2024. (RELATED: Want To Visit The World Of ‘Yellowstone?’ Here’s How)

The story is based on the podcast “Boomtown,” written and hosted by “Land Man’s” co-creator and executive producer Christian Wallace. The series sounds like it’ll follow a lot of Sheridan’s stories, using a confluence of every available demographic to show the sociological complexity of modernity in West Texas, as well as the economics and geopolitics of the oil industry.

Sheridan’s writing is defined by authenticity. Although many ranchers might not like the “Yellowstone” series, the cowboying is as close as it gets to the real thing. He even makes the actors on his show take part in a cowboy boot camp that is apparently brutal, but worth it for the opportunity to work on a show guaranteed to be a huge success.