‘Darkest Sickness Of All’: Tucker Carlson Reveals His Secret To Happiness


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson revealed his secret to happiness in early December during a speech delivered from Tampa, Florida.

An audience member asked Carlson how he “keeps from being so jaded” and “stays positive” considering his profession and name recognition around the world.


“Never hand emotional control to people who don’t love you,” Carlson said. “It’s like handing a toddler a firearm. Why would you do that? You wouldn’t. You’d be insane.”

“If you just take all of your emotional energy and focus it on the people in your orbit, and if you’re not married with children, focus on, you know, your siblings, your parents, your cousins, your coworkers, your employees. Yes, your dogs,” Carlson continued. “But keep your circle, the circle of people whose opinion you care about, really small. Ignore everybody else and pay very close attention to what they think.”

Carlson said he takes a daily sauna, has several dogs and spends plenty of time outside, preferably hunting and fishing. The former Fox News host acknowledged the “torrent of lunacy” he receives daily through his phone, admitting he rarely uses the Internet.


“More than anything, I really care about my family. I think it’s worth, like, especially if you have a job where people you don’t know are judging you,” Carlson said, “it is important to remember and repeat it as a mantra that the opinions of people you don’t know mean nothing. And I always think it’s like dogs barking. But actually, when my dogs bark, I care. It’s less than dogs barking.”

Carlson said he “could care less” about being “one of the most hated people in the world.” He emphasized the only people who wield power over him are “the people who are closer to [him] right now,” including his wife, four children, college roommates and employees. (RELATED: ‘I Will Lead Protests’: Tucker Reveals Why He Supports Trump)

Carlson also mentioned how most politicians are “damaged from childhood” with “absent or alcoholic fathers.” He noted his reverence toward and close relationship with his own father as an advantage despite growing up in a “broken home.”

“One of the reasons our political class is so disgusting is because they’re all so emotionally damaged and they look at life backward. Most people get into politics, not just in this country but in all countries, not simply to wield power and get rich through corruption, though those are motivating factors, I can promise you,” Carlson said. “But because they have a desperate need to be loved by people they don’t know. They can’t wait to receive the adulation of strangers.”

Carlson called the desire to be loved by strangers “the darkest sickness of all.”