Video Shows WWE Fan Getting Choked Out And Completely Manhandled After Trying To Attack A Couple Of Superstars

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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What a moron … just a blatant moron.

WWE held a house show Sunday night in Newark, New Jersey, and at some point during the event, an idiot fan decided to jump the guardrail in an attempt to attack my man Austin Theory and Australian wrestler Grayson Waller — this after Waller was mocking the crowd following him and Theory winning their match. (RELATED: Yikes! NFL Sideline Official Suffers Absolutely Horrific Leg Injury After Being Smashed By Saints’ Alvin Kamara)

Security was on top of things fortunately, grabbing the guy and stopping him from getting to Theory and Waller, with video showing both of the superstars being completely unfazed and not breaking character.

And shoutout to security for HOW they took care of this guy, choking his ass out and utterly manhandling the lunatic fan to get him out of the building.

After the show, Waller quote tweeted a video of the incident and labeled the fan an “idiot American.” (Don’t worry, non-wrestling fans, it’s all kayfabe with Waller being a heel — and a good one at that making a fan react this way)

Wild scene … it actually reminds me of when Seth Rollins got attacked at a show back in 2021:

What the hell is wrong with people?