‘Pay Attention!’: Brian Kilmeade Starts Bashing Vivek Before Fox Cuts Back To His Live Shot … All Hell Breaks Loose

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade sparred with Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy on Thursday over the latter’s position on Ukraine.

Ramaswamy took aim at former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley for working as a Boeing contractor after she left office and for becoming richer through working with corporations.


Co-host Lawrence Jones asked whether Ramaswamy’s tactic to go after Haley was working amongst voter as Haley gains in key polls.

“I’d just like to know with his policy, it’s just ridiculous on Russia-Ukraine, he says ‘tell Russia basically they can have Ukraine if they promise not to have an alliance with China,’ I mean–” Kilmeade, who was filming from New York Studios, said before calling Ramaswamy back into the chat.

“Vivek, are you comfortable with Russia taking as much of Ukraine as they want? Are you comfortable pulling all of our aid out and do you really believe that Vladimir Putin will agree not to have an alliance with China?” (RELATED: Vivek Holds Up Debate Notes Containing Just Two Words For Whole Crowd To See)

Ramaswamy said the U.S. needs to play “hardball” and threaten “serious consequences” against Russia if they broke the deal, prompting Kilmeade to jump and ask “like what!”

“This war doesn’t advance U.S. interests–” Ramaswamy said before Kilmeade interjected.

“Yes it does, if you give up Eastern Europe– it is in our interest,” Kilmeade said.

Ramaswamy said current policy is driving Russia into China’s arms, prompting more disagreement from Kilmeade.

Ramaswamy then said it’s a concern not knowing how Ukraine has spent U.S. aid before Kilmeade argued Ukrainians are the “best fighters in the world.”

The presidential hopeful then called Ukraine out for its assassinations prompting Kilmeade to call him “naive.”

“So naive, you give up Ukraine then in two years you’d be criticizing Joe Biden for giving up Ukraine,” Kilmeade said

“You wanna call me naive? I actually understand what the heck I’m talking about here,” Ramaswamy shot back.

“Really?” Kilmeade asked.

The two then had a heated debate over U.S. involvement in Ukraine, with Ramaswamy claiming Lloyd Austin threatened to send American troops to Ukraine if the aid package isn’t passed.

Kilmeade told Ramaswamy to “pay attention” and that Austin’s comments were in reference to if Russia invades a NATO member.

Kilmeade then ended the segment.