Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott Gets Outright Disrespectful About 9/11, And I Refuse To Accept His Fake-A** Apology

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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The disrespect is real, ladies and gentlemen.

Sean McDermott, the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, got placed in the hot seat on Thursday after some of his coaching tactics got revealed and opened mouths wide open all across the NFL community.

In Tyler Dunne’s Go Long Substack, one team meeting in particular that took place back in 2021 caught some fiery attention. At the meeting, the Bills skipper used an absolutely ridiculous analogy in an attempt to unite the team following a defeat in the AFC Championship the season before.

Dunne, who cited multiple sources, reported what McDermott told his players. (RELATED: Legendary Kicker Robbie Gould Announces Retirement After 18 Seasons In The NFL)

“He told the entire team they needed to come together,” Dunne wrote. “But then, sources on-hand say, he used a strange model: the terrorists on September 11, 2001. He cited the hijackers as a group of people who were all able to get on the same page to orchestrate attacks to perfection.”

“One by one, McDermott started asking specific players in the room questions. ‘What tactics do you think they used to come together?’ A young player tried to methodically answer. ‘What do you think their biggest obstacle was?’ A veteran answered, ‘TSA,’ which mercifully lightened the mood,” he continued.

After the information was revealed, McDermott went on to apologize without actually apologizing, further adding to the disrespect, saying that he “regretted mentioning 9/11,” that he “immediately apologized to the team” and that he lost a close family friend in the terrorist attacks.


What a fraud! Now I’m happy the Philadelphia Refereeagles rigged the Bills out of a win!