Another Week, Another Rigging In The NFL — I Tried To Tell Y’all About Those Philadelphia Refereeagles

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The Philadelphia Refereeagles strike again!

Just like with my Miami Dolphins, the Philadelphia Eagles (who we should rename the Philadelphia Refereeagles) rigged a “win” over the Buffalo Bills. And this courtesy of the referees who are blatantly guilty of a horrendous no-call against Eagles linebacker Haason Reddick who pulled a clear as day horse-collar tackle against Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

And don’t get it twisted, ladies and gentlemen. I hate the Bills too being an AFC East division rival of my Phins. Quite frankly, screw both of these teams, so just so you know: I’m going strictly by the facts. (RELATED: This Is Pretty Bad: Miami Dolphins Get Screwed Over So Horrendously That It Makes You Think The NFL Is Outright Rigged)

Oh! And to make this Bills-Eagles play even more spicy, a penalty did end up getting called … against Buffalo for apparent intentional grounding. You know, because Allen is supposed to throw the ball perfectly while getting horse-collared.

Literally the entirety of America is crying foul over this nonsense, and I don’t blame ’em.


Epic response from Dave Portnoy:

The Eagles did it to my Dolphins earlier in the season, they did it to the Bills in Sunday’s game and they’ve been doing it the entire campaign. It’s clear that the NFL and Philadelphia Eagles have some kind of love-fest going on.

Shady win after shady win after shady win … it’s the Philadelphia Refereeagles way.