Trump’s Phone Lock Screen Is Exactly What You’d Expect

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @balfourUK]

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When it’s your world, you can do whatever you want …

Donald Trump is just out here being Donald Trump. The former president was recently recorded on the golf course blasting James Brown and Luciano Pavarotti. And there was also something interesting that was noticed on his phone.

Before Trump was about to head off to play, he showed off to a staffer his taste in music and a cool setup he has in his golf cart where he can blast that tunage. (RELATED: This Dude’s A Hero! Ron DeSantis Pledges $1M To Sue Over Florida State Not Making College Football Playoff)

“‘It’s A Man’s World’ with Pavarotti. You ever hear this one?” Trump asked.

The former POTUS then taught his aide about the performance, who said he wasn’t familiar with it, and then proceeded to start bumpin’ the classic as he drove away like a complete boss.


Well, we all know how social media is, and they happened to pick up something else that’s fascinating about this video.

Trump’s phone lock screen … is of Trump!

Donald Trump is such a G! Such a G!

Not only is my man out here bumpin’ a James Brown x Luciano Pavarotti classic …

But he literally has his phone lock screen of him being a said G.

I love Ron DeSantis (who needs to be president in the future). I love Vivek Ramaswamy (who also needs to be president in the future), but Donald Trump deserves another four years after that clown-fest of an election in 2020.

This swag needs to be in the White House again, turning that economy up just like he does James Brown! My man!