Israel’s Hottest New Fashion Accessories? Assault Rifles, Glocks And More

(Photo by Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A report published Wednesday claimed that AR-15s and other guns are quickly becoming Israel hottest fashion accessories as citizens arm themselves in the aftermath of the brutal Oct. 7 Hamas terror attack.

Watching stupid young Americans march in support of the terrorist group Hamas, who systematically rape and murder Israeli women (among other atrocities) should make anyone feel physically sick to their stomach. But for Israelis living under the threat of this violence, the only thing they can do is protect themselves. And boy, are they!

A report from The Sun detailed how many Israelis are arming themselves with Glock pistols, assault rifles and any other firepower they can get, as their entire lives now exist in the shadow of genocidal maniacs (Hamas) being supported by other genocidal maniacs around the world.

Even on date nights, Israeli women are dressed to the nines and armed to the teeth. (RELATED: ‘You Don’t See Israeli Soldiers Raping Palestinian Women’: CNN Host Clashes With Dem Congresswoman On Hamas)

Who can blame them? Israelis have always lived under the constant threat of brutality and murder, just for being Israeli. Of course they should be carrying around weapons whenever they leave their homes. There are parts of America I wouldn’t want to walk through without some type of weapon or protection, let alone Israel right now! (RELATED: George Soros Defended Hamas In Horrendous 2007 Article)

It’s crazy to think that millions of young Israeli women will remember their early adulthood like this. They’ll tell their future children how the horrors of Oct. 7 woke them up to the danger all around them and the necessity of an armed citizenry.

Hopefully pictures of all their moms accessorizing with weapons of war will seem strange to those kids. Because hopefully, they’ll get to grow up in a world in which Hamas is defeated, nobody wants to kill them and take their land and they never have to tote an AR-15 to the local coffee shop.