‘Need An Alternative’: RFK Jr. Says ‘Fear’ Of Trump Is Not Enough For Americans Whose Lives Are ‘Circling The Drain’


Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stated Thursday that the Democratic party’s push of fearing former President Donald Trump is not enough as American lives are “circling the drain.”

Kennedy appeared on “Cuomo” to discuss his presidential campaign for 2024 in an in-depth interview with NewsNation host Chris Cuomo. While taking live calls from voters, Kennedy was asked why he believed he could be “different” from President Joe Biden, questioning if he could potentially win the 2024 elections.  

The independent candidate responded by calling out Biden’s recent statement regarding his reasons for running, stating that Democrats “have to offer something other” than “fear” of Trump. (RELATED: ‘Is This Like A Real Interview?’: The DCNF Asked RFK Jr. America’s Most Burning Questions About His Candidacy)

“I think, you know, first of all, President Biden said … that he was only running for president because he felt like he was the only person who could beat Donald Trump. And to me, that’s not a good argument,” Kennedy stated.

“You know I think the Democrats have to offer the American public something other than just fear of Donald Trump. I think, you know, all of these kids really don’t care — they don’t share that hatred and that dread of Donald Trump. The people under 45, they just don’t see it … And what they see is that 57% of the people in this country do not, cannot, could not put their hands on a thousand dollars if they have an emergency. For people like that, they see the engine light coming on their car and it’s the apocalypse — they can watch their lives circling the drain.”

Kennedy continued to call out the Democratic party, claiming that Democrats have not said they’re supporting the president due to his “great vigor” or “energy.” Instead Kennedy stated that both parties were telling each other to “hate on the other guy,” emphasizing that they are both “war parties” serving “corporate interests.” (RELATED: ‘They’re Going To Kill Biden, Too’: Alex Jones And Tucker Carlson Discuss The ‘Deep State’)

“I have not heard, I have to say this, a single Democrat say to me we are supporting President Biden because he’s going to bring great vigor, and energy, and vision, and he’s a problem solver, and he’s going to solve these problems,” Kennedy continued. “What they say is … the economy is fine and you should hate on the other guy. And it’s just not a good argument for most people. So you know I believe in democracy.”

“I think we need to give people a choice in this country. I don’t think it’s healthy for us just to have a two-party system where both parties are funded by the same corporations — by BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard, and all the military contractors. They’re both the war party and they’re serving corporate interests rather than the American people. I think they need an alternative.”

The independent candidate has grown in favorability in recent months among voters. In a recent NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ poll, roughly 42% of 3,200 registered voters stated that they either favored or strongly favored Kennedy.

However, hypothetical general election polls between Trump, Biden, and Kennedy show that the independent candidate is still behind, sitting roughly at 11%, according to a recent I&I/TIPP poll.