Chick From Brutal Morgan Wallen Fight Is Now A Playboy Model


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A young woman, colloquially known as the “romper stomper,” who beat up a group of girls outside a porta potty at a Morgan Wallen concert is now modeling for Playboy, one internet sleuth revealed Sunday.

Okay, so, technically Dalanie DiSabato, 21, the “romper stomper,” started working with Playboy back in September, but seemingly no one realized or put two-and-two together at the time (myself included). DiSabato is far better known as the chick who beat the crap out of several others at PNC Park in Pittsburgh during Morgan Wallen’s “One Night At A Time” tour.

A video of the fight went more than viral online, appearing to show two women getting into a fairly mild fight outside a line of red porta potties at the stadium. Out of nowhere, a chick in a denim romper busts out of a neighboring stall and beats the living crap out of the two original girls.

And when I say “beats the living crap,” that’s what I mean. DiSabato just saw red and went for it. Not only did she drag one chick out of the stall by her hair, but she managed to boot another back into a stall at the same time, before slamming the door. (RELATED: Brutal Chick Fight Caught On Video At Morgan Wallen Concert)

“I just walked out and saw two girls ganging up on my mom, so I just did what I think any daughter would have done. I just beat the fuck out of them,” DiSabato said shortly after, according to Whiskey Riff. She’s since made a mild celebrity for herself as the “romper stomper,” and is leveraging her talent for Playboy, the company announced in September.