Anti-Impeachment ‘Fox & Friends’ Host Takes Over Biden Segment. Check Out His Colleagues’ Faces

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News’ Steve Doocy derailed a “Fox & Friends” panel Monday as he argued there is yet no proven evidence of wrongdoing committed by President Joe Biden.

Doocy derailed discussion about the younger Biden’s charges related to his alleged tax and gun crimes by criticizing former President Donald Trump’s administration for not “following through” on moving forward with a criminal investigation. He also said House Republicans currently conducting an impeachment inquiry have not made the case for impeaching the president.

“Brian [Kilmeade], you were talking a little about how there are Republicans who have suggested, you know, I’m for an inquiry vote. I haven’t seen anything yet that I would impeach him over,” Doocy said. “That’s the important thing. It looks like they’ve go the goods on Hunter Biden, but the Republicans have not made the case yet where Joe Biden profited from it, quid pro quo, stuff like that.”


“They’ve got a lot,” a visibly annoyed Kilmeade interjected. (RELATED: Hunter Biden Claims Republicans Are Trying To ‘Kill’ Him) 

“They do got a lot,” co-host Ainsley Earhardt said.

“They have a lot of stuff,” Doocy agreed. “They’ve got a lot of number, they haven’t explained how it implicates Joe.”

Doocy pointed to a CNN poll finding 61% of Americans believe Biden had some involvement in his son’s foreign business dealings, and 42% believe he acted illegally. Another 55% think the president acted inappropriately.

Earhardt said the case appears “fishy,” given how the younger Biden used drugs and had no place serving on the Board of Directors at Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. She cited testimony given by Devon Archer, the president’s son’s former business partner, who said the younger Biden called his father on speaker phone in front of foreign business partners on several occasions.

Co-host Lawrence Jones criticized the White House for “selling the American people two stories” regarding the president’s son.

Earhardt then pressed Doocy on whether Democratic voters will step away from Biden in the 2024 election due to the evidence being disclosed by House Republicans.

“Absolutely, if they have the stuff. I mean, the Republicans at this point don’t have…they’ve got a lot of ledgers and spreadsheets, but they had not connected the dots. I mean, connecting the dots, the Department of Justice did on Hunter. But they have not shown where Joe Biden did anything illegally,” Doocy said, adding details about a threat to hold Biden in contempt.

“The problem, Steve, is you’re talking about a criminal prosecution,” Jones said. “An impeachment is not a criminal prosecution, it’s a political procedure. So you don’t have to find a conviction of a crime to get an impeachment.”

Doocy argued House Republican are not at the point where they can impeach Biden. Jones counter-argued by saying the alleged “unethical” actions taken by Biden justify impeachment.

Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, Biden asserted that his son never made money from China and that he had no discussions with him about his overseas business dealings. House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer released bank records finding that Biden received a $40,000 from his family members after they received money from Chinese business associates.

An impeachment inquiry memo outlined how Biden attended two separate dinners in Washington D.C. with Russian oligarch Elena Baturina in 2014 and Burisma executive Vadim Pozharskyi in 2015.

The Oversight Committee subpoenaed the younger Biden, his uncle James and former business associate Rob Walker in November to answer questions in a closed-door testimony about the Biden family’s foreign business dealings. Comer and Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan threatened to hold the president’s son in contempt if he refuses the subpoena.