Daily Caller Reporter Breaks Down Texas Abortion Case, Says Younger People Have Fallen For A ‘Faux Empathy’ Narrative

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Daily Caller reporter and host of “The Reaction” Chrissy Clark argued Tuesday on Newsmax the younger generation has fallen for a “faux empathy” narrative regarding abortions, breaking down a high profile Texas abortion case.

Clark appeared on “Rob Schmitt Tonight” to discuss a current high profile abortion case in Texas, where a woman sought and obtained a temporary injunction to abort her 21-week-old child citing health complications, but the Texas Supreme Court halted the lower court’s ruling. Newsmax host Rob Schmitt sought Clark’s opinion on the case, noting how the push behind the pro-abortion movement is to gather “every example.”

Clark responded by arguing the “groundwork” for the younger generations has been to create a “faux empathy” narrative they’ve “fallen for.” (RELATED: Dylan Mulvaney Appropriated My Culture)

“Of course, and they’ve done a good job of laying the groundwork in younger generations as well. There are young women that I know – I’m 26 and some of my friends, they live in Illinois, and they think that because Roe v. Wade was overturned that abortion is illegal in Illinois. For anybody out there that doesn’t know that, abortion is very, very legal in Illinois,” Clark stated. 

“It’s just really silly how they’ve created a narrative and young people have completely fallen for it. And that’s what they have on their side right now is this faux empathy. It’s almost a toxic empathy, where they think they’re doing something righteous and being on the side of a woman and bodily autonomy.” 

Clark continued to break down the Texas case, stating that the woman is electing to get an abortion due to allegedly having “future” uterus problems, highlighting it has “very little” to do with the “viability of the fetus.”   (RELATED: ‘That’s Your Opinion’: Daily Caller Reporter Goes Head-To-Head With Trans Activist Over Detransition Documentary)

“But if you listen to this story of the woman in Texas, and what’s going on, she’s electing to get an abortion because she has a 2% chance of having a uterus problem in the future with future pregnancies. It has very little to do with the actual viability of the fetus coming to term,” Clark stated. 

“Now of course, we know that this woman – the baby might, most likely would not make it once being brought to term, but the baby’s coming out either way, dead or alive. And she’s electing to kill it so we know exactly what’s happening here. But they try to make this language so empathetic that young women all across the country are falling and so susceptible to this.”

The Texas Supreme Court blocked the state’s lower court decision to allow the 31-year-old Texas woman, Kate Cox, to go through with her abortion Monday, stating she did not qualify for the procedure under the medical exemption, according to The Texas Tribune.

However, Cox reportedly drove out of state prior to the ruling Monday to go through with the abortion at a Center for Reproductive Rights, according to CNN. While Cox’s condition is still unknown, the center stated that she had received “offers to help her access abortion elsewhere, from Kansas to Colorado to Canada,” CNN reported.