‘That’s Your Opinion’: Daily Caller Reporter Goes Head-To-Head With Trans Activist Over Detransition Documentary


Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Daily Caller reporter and host of “The Reaction” Chrissy Clark corrected a trans activist during a debate over a documentary on detransitioners, stating that the speaker’s claims had “no data.”

Clark appeared at the University of Utah for the screening of Daily Caller documentary “Damaged: The Transing of America’s Kids.” During a Q&A session following the film, a trans activist came up to speak, reportedly holding an emotional support shark plushie. (RELATED: Pronouns Are A Power Trip)

The activist, who had also gone through the transitioning process, pushed back on the film, claiming that destransitioners only constitute a small percentage of the trans community. However, Clark corrected the activist by calling out doctors, like Jack Turban, who have published studies that have come under scrutiny.

“I would say that what’s in sort of this film, right, like I, you know, I think that detransition stories are valid, right, and deserve to be heard. But I also think that they’re outliers. And that mostly that you should also listen to stories of transitioning and transitioners,” the trans activist stated.

Surprised by the statement, Clark questioned the activist if Americans should care about the “1%” of the trans community while disregarding the “1%” of detransitioners. 

“So you’re telling me – and I just want to make this clear. You’re telling me that we shouldn’t care about 1% of transitioners, but we, as a country, should care about 1% of the population,” Clark stated. 

The trans activist then affirmed that “we should care” about detransitioners, however, suggesting that the narrative should not be centered around them and instead around the “harm that’s being prevented by allowing people access to transition.” (RELATED: Even AI Knows That Transgender Activists Can’t Change Their Biological Sex)

“But that’s your opinion, there’s no data to back that up. It’s an opinion – you can have your opinion, I can have my opinion that rapid onset gender dysphoria exists,” Clark responded. 

A screening for Clark’s film was originally supposed to take place at the beginning of November, however, it was disrupted by activists at the university and ultimately canceled.

The documentary follows the stories of adults who have desisted from their transgender identity, and regret sex change procedures that they underwent as minors.  Outspoken detransitioners like Chloe Cole, Abel Garcia, and Cat Cattinson gave their testimonies detailing the immense irreversible changes they experienced, highlighting how they were too young to have received any of the treatments.