The Guys Trying To Steal Your Homes Release Most Horrifying Christmas Video In Modern History


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Blackstone took a brief reprieve from helping to steal all of America’s single-family homes with the other unelected globalist oligarchs to release the most horrifying Christmas video I’ve ever seen, ever, Thursday.

For those who don’t know, Blackstone is the baby company of BlackRock. BlackRock is one of three global corporations who own almost all politicians, lawmakers, government agencies, and everything else known to man in the modern world. The other two companies are Vanguard and State Street. Together, these three and the possibly thousands of their lil’ shell baby corps are winning the fight to ensure Americans own nothing and are “happy,” 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy said … correctly, in my opinion.

To celebrate their totally mismanaged dystopian nightmare, Blackstone released a Christmas video via their social media. Be warned, I wanted to smash my laptop and go live in a cave after watching this misery unfold:

You’d think supervillains would at least be cool. And one would assume that a trillion-dollar company who owns everything would at least hire actors and a better propaganda writer for something like this. (RELATED: Mark Zuckerberg Is Reportedly Building $100 Million Survivalist Estate In Hawaii. What Does He Know That We Don’t?)

Set to the beat of a vomit-inducing 80s pop catastrophe, the video is basically just a song about some money stuff most of us are too poor to ever be involved with. The theme was inspired by Taylor Swift, which explains why it’s weird, cringe, and beige all at once.

If the people at Blackstone don’t go to prison for helping bring about the collapse of the American economy, family, and more, they should be sentenced to a lifetime in taste jail just for this video. It’s so bad, it’s criminal. (RELATED: ‘Put On Your Seat Belts’: BlackRock President Warns ‘Entitled Generation’ Of Shortages Due To Inflation)

And the company also turned off comments on the video shortly after uploading it to YouTube … and I wonder why?!?! Let us know what you think of this travesty in the comments, and let us pray the Blackstone marketing department reads them all and learns how to not be such a bunch of losers.