Protesting Farmers Dump Piles Of Manure In Front Of Government Buildings

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Lisa Moore Contributor
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In protest of high taxes, farming regulations and climate policies, French farmers have taken to the streets with heavy equipment, dumping manure on government buildings across France. 

The protests stem from France President Emmanuel Macron’s policies on glyphosate and fallow land, Express reported. The protesting farmers reportedly put sign posts into heaps of manure and also dumped manure on government buildings. (RELATED: Farmers Burn Hay, Block Roads With Manure In Latest Protest Against Climate Rules)

Leading the way in these protests are The National Federation of Agricultural Holders’ Unions (FNSEA) and Young Farmers, or Jeunes Agriculteurs (JA), headed by Arnaud Rousseau and Arnaud Gaillot respetively, according to Express. The groups have allegedly  issued a joint statement demanding the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Marc Fesneau explain and clarify the government’s plans for the future of agriculture, the outlet reported.

“For several weeks, French farmers have been expressing their anger throughout France in the face of normative and fiscal inconsistencies, in the face of the absence of a clear and structuring vision for French agriculture,” the statement read, according to Agriland.

Farmers dumped 300 cubic meters of manure and waste in front of state buildings in Cahors in November, according to BNN. In Quimper, farmers gathered with heavy machinery to spray the DDTM (Direction Départementale des Territoires) buildings with manure, Not the Bee reported.

The farmers have also targeted the Regional Council of Brittany in Rennes and the prefecture of Vannes, according to Not the Bee.