‘Ben Cardin’s Cheeks Of Staff’: ‘The Five’ Discuss Senate Sex Tape First Reported By The Daily Caller

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Fox hosts on “The Five” broke down the viral story — first reported by the Daily Caller — of a sex tape recorded in a Senate hearing room, with host Jesse Watters teasing “gay porn movie titles.”

The Fox News hosts opened up their show on Monday by discussing the tape, which showed a congressional staffer and another man having anal sex in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill. Co-host Dana Perino highlighted the hearing room’s history. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Senate Staffer Caught Filming Gay Sex Tape In Senate Hearing Room (GRAPHIC))

“It’s the same esteemed place where Supreme Court justices had their confirmation hearings where the 9/11 Commission uncovered what happened there and it’s where James Comey testified against former President Trump,” Perino stated.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld jumped in to discuss the staffer, who worked for Maryland Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin and has since been fired. Gutfeld called out the staffer’s recent response to the backlash was rooted in homophobia, arguing that the outrage stemmed from the location, not the act itself. (RELATED: Social Media Explodes After Daily Caller Exclusive Showing Video Of Senate Staffer Filming Gay Sex In Hearing Room)

“It’s not the what. It’s the where,” Gutfeld said.

“The Dems’ favorite hobby is not simply an acceptance of behavior. As a conservative and a libertarian, I don’t care what you do. You can do whatever you want in the privacy of wherever. But they always go towards eliminating the barriers to location,” he continued, comparing the Senate sex tape to “gender activism in middle school” and men playing women’s sports.

Watters then told his co-hosts that he had come up with “a few gay porn movies titles” for the sex tape.

“Would you like to hear them? ‘The Seat of Government.’ ‘Reclaiming my Behind’ … like ‘reclaiming my time.’ Uh… ‘Testi-moaning.’ ‘Rogering the Witness’ … ‘Swearing In and Out’ and ‘Ben Cardin’s Cheeks of Staff,'” Watters listed, noting that he had come up with all of them in five minutes. 

“But I should’ve seen it coming. You know after they did the fire alarm pulling, the throwing of the elbows, a sex tape was inevitable,” he continued. “And now it’s a race to the bottom, Greg. They’ve been telling us, the Democrats, that they need to keep the government out of the bedroom. Well, they just turned the government into the bedroom.” 

The incident is currently under investigation by the Capitol Police. While it remains unclear what charges the former staffer could face, Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley stated that the staffer could possibly be charged for “lewd, indecent, or obscene acts,” misuse of property and trespassing.