Female Trooper Allegedly Films Sex With Intoxicated Woman, Circulates With Colleagues

(Photo by RORY DOYLE/AFP via Getty Images)

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A woman filed a complaint with Mississippi Attorney General’s Office against a Mississippi Highway Patrol trooper, alleging she recorded and circulated their sex tape among fellow officers without consent, WLBT reported Tuesday.

The complaint details an incident that allegedly began with dinner and drinks and ended at the female trooper’s home. The victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, reported waking up unclothed, according to WLBT.

“I was aware a sexual encounter had taken place but had difficulty remembering any of what happened,” the complaint reads, the outlet noted.

The victim recalled a phone being used during the encounter and later confronted the trooper. The trooper allegedly assured her that her face was not visible in the video and that it would remain private, per WLBT.

The victim later learned that the video had been allegedly viewed by others, with at least one person recognizing her. Despite her requests for the deletion of the video and confronting the trooper about its distribution, the victim allegedly discovered its widespread circulation within the law enforcement agency, per the report.

The woman claimed that the trooper allegedly exploited her “for no other reason than to sexually entertain her boyfriend,” the outlet noted. (RELATED: Video Appears To Show Cop Hooking Up With A Woman In His Backseat In Broad Daylight)

The victim’s ex-husband informed her that a sex tape involving her was being shared among Mississippi Highway Patrol officers and leaders, WLBT reported.

Bailey Martin, a spokesperson for the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, confirmed that “an internal investigation is being conducted,” despite no formal complaint being filed with the Mississippi Highway Patrol, according to WLBT.