Turley Lays Out What The ‘Slam Dunk’ Case Against Hunter Biden Might Be

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley said Monday a contempt of Congress charge against Hunter Biden would be a “slam dunk” case.

Hunter defied Republicans’ subpoena Wednesday for closed-door testimony, saying he would only testify publicly.

“Where do you think the contempt of Congress proceedings are going to go with Hunter here?” host John Roberts asked.

“Well this is a slam dunk case for contempt, in my view. It was a valid subpoena,” Turley said. “There’s a lot of nonsense out there about how the vote to formally approve the impeachment inquiry came afterwards and somehow Hunter could just defy the earlier subpoena. That’s just not true. The subpoena was issued on behalf of two committees. They listed three different grounds, that includes the Oversight Committee that has independent subpoena authority.” (RELATED: ‘Screwed Up’: Andy McCarthy Lays Out House GOP’s Glaring Mistake With Hunter Biden)

“You can’t just defy a subpoena. He could go in, he could appear and not answer questions under the Fifth Amendment. That’s your option. But you can’t stand outside the Capitol and just thumb your nose at Congress,” Turley continued.

Hunter spoke to a gaggle of reporters outside the Senate side of the Capitol, arguing he has been a target of the “unrelenting Trump attack machine.” Hunter denied the legitimacy of the investigation into his family and the extent of involvement of his father, President Joe Biden.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said Hunter’s defiance was “typical” of the Biden family.