‘It’s So Dark That I Haven’t Told My Wife’: Tucker Carlson Explains Hesitation To Share Alien Stories


Mariane Angela Contributor
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Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson expressed his hesitation about discussing aliens during an appearance on the “Redacted” podcast that aired Dec. 12.

Carlson, who recently launched the Tucker Carlson Network, revealed that the information he has come across is so unsettling that he feels unable to share it even with his wife. “This is another story where there are some fanciful ideas floating around but there just isn’t any evidence that they’re true,” Carlson told Redacted. (RELATED: Is Tucker Carlson Trolling Or Is He Flirting With A Run At The White House?)

“I do not understand at all that are really, really, really dark. So dark that I haven’t told my wife about it. I haven’t verified any of this, but this isn’t stuff I just read on the internet.”

Carlson acknowledges that while some of the theories circulating lack concrete evidence, conversations with informed individuals have revealed elements of the UFO story that are not only baffling but also have a dark, spiritual dimension that he struggles to comprehend.


He also notes that despite numerous disclosures and whistleblower testimonies, these stories hasn’t garnered widespread media attention. “Part of it is the government doesn’t want you to know about it,” he explained. “But part of it is the public can’t deal with it. It’s too far out. The implications are too profound. And so, I understand that.”

Carlson also claims that, based on U.S. government acknowledgment, these unidentified phenomena are real and non-human. The government has been aware of this for a long time, possibly since the 1930s. He points out that evidence of these phenomena exists in historical records, art, and literature, indicating a long history of human interaction with them. (RELATED: Video Of Flaming UFO Continues To Baffle Experts)

Watch Tucker blast the U.S. government for its lack of transparency on UFOs:

“But the justification one often hears is “the government” and various presidents who have been read in, they have not all been, haven’t wanted to disclose this because it would scare people. I always thought that’s bullshit, you’re hiding a crime, which they are, in my opinion.”

“But I do think there’s a sense in which that is not totally crazy,” Carlson continued. “There is some stuff, if it is true, and I’m kind of thinking it may be true, that is so radical that yeah, we don’t want to tell the people we love most about it. Because why would you want to disturb someone like that? So I kind of get that.”