UFO Whistleblower David Grusch Claims Government Leaked His Medical History In Retaliation


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A journalist close to UFO whistleblower David Grusch told Chris Cuomo, Tuesday, that he believes the government leaked his medical records as part of a smear campaign.

Journalist Ross Coulthart, who conducted an extensive interview with Grusch after he came forward with claims that the U.S. military and government are fully aware of UFOs and UFO technology, told Cuomo that the whistleblower believes his medical history was leaked as part of a retaliation campaign.

Grusch was apparently approached by a news outlet, who Coulthart believes was fed the whistleblower’s medical information that was otherwise privately disclosed to NewsNation. During their initial interview, Coulthart asked Grusch what, if anything, could be used against him in the future.

He barely thought this was worth mentioning. But he acknowledged that he had suffered from PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When he returned from Afghanistan. David served his country honorably and with distinction, he’s a decorated officer. And unfortunately, when he came back from Afghanistan, like a lot of men in your country, and in mine, he struggled with the demons of what he’d seen in combat,” Coulthart continued. “And at one time, he wouldn’t mind me telling you this, he was suicidal.” (RELATED: Does Anyone Else Feel Like These UFO Hearings Were A Little Too Convenient?)

Grusch has come under great scrutiny since going public with his UFO claims. He also testified under oath to Congress, and turned over classified documentation on the intelligence community’s involvement in UFO coverups, and the retrieval of alien crafts.