‘Look At This Dumb Bitch’: Olivia Munn Trolls Herself On Social Media


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Olivia Munn called herself out for making a mistake, by putting herself on blast, Wednesday.

The famous actress shared a fabulously funny video to her Instagram account, showing her stumbling in front of the camera and revealing her fashion fail.

She quickly realized her own mistake, but instead of discarding the video and posting something “perfect,” she decided to share the video with her 2.9 million fans, alongside a fabulously funny caption in which she took a jab at herself.

“Look at this dumb bitch!” she wrote.


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The video showed Munn walking toward the camera in a fancy dress, before she lost her footing, and visibly stumbled. She wore a sparkly, festive mini-dress with fluffy white feathers accenting the top portion. She was definitely dressed up and seemed to be attempting to post a glam video for her fans. Unfortunately, her feet weren’t as coordinated as her outfit.

She rolled her ankle and lost her footing, then immediately bit her lip. Her facial expression indicated she was all-too-aware that her stumble was captured on camera.

Munn made matters worse by turning around to try again. As she turned her back to the camera, it was obvious that her zipper was open and the outfit didn’t fit. Her half-naked back with her unzipped dress quickly became fail number two.

Fans fell in love with the fact that she found humor in her own errors, and quickly flooded Munn’s Instagram page with comments. (RELATED: Britney Spears Slips Out Of Her Dress In Wardrobe Malfunction Caught On Camera)

“Not dumb! Funny! Gorgeous & funny! Killer combo! I especially love that keep the part where you turn around & show us that the dress isn’t zipped all the way up.👏👏👏👏, ” one person posted.

“Okay if u wear this you’re getting pregnant again,” comedian Whitney Cummings wrote.