Lil Wayne Reveals He Has Song With Kevin Durant, And Apparently He Has Some Straight-Up Bars

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @BleacherReport]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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I gotta hear this.

Apparently, Lil Wayne and Kevin Durant made a rap song together, with the hip hop legend revealing that it nearly made it onto a recent project he did with fellow rapper 2 Chainz. However, Wayne said the world isn’t ready for it yet, and he’s still got it in the vault.

While speaking with Taylor Rooks in an interview for Bleacher Report, Weezy let her in on the secret after she said she’d talked with KD before the sit-down. (RELATED: South Park Clowns The Hell Out Of Logan Paul And His Prime Energy Drink In Hilarious New Special)

Wayne was completely thrown off guard, saying that the collaboration between the two was intended to be “on the low” and jokingly calling out Durant for chirpin’ about what they did.