Video Appears To Show Chinese Surgeon Punching Elderly Patient Mid-Operation: REPORT


Mariane Angela Contributor
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A surgeon in China is under investigation for allegedly assaulting an elderly patient during an eye operation, BBC reported Thursday.

A Chinese surgeon appeared to allegedly punch an elderly patient mid-operation in a video that went viral on Chinese social media, according to BBC. The video posted on Weibo, which has reportedly sparked widespread outrage, seemingly shows the surgeon allegedly punching an 82-year-old female patient in the head multiple times during the surgery. The alleged incident took place at a local hospital in southwestern China, the outlet reported. The hospital reportedly confirmed the occurrence of the incident.

The patient, who was undergoing eye surgery, experienced discomfort due to the local anesthesia and moved her head and eyes repeatedly, according to the hospital group’s statement, BBC reported. The surgeon allegedly resorted to physical violence in what was described as an emergency situation after he failed to communicate effectively with the patient, according to the outlet.

The patient sustained bruises on her forehead and, according to her son, has since lost sight in her left eye, although the direct cause remains unclear, BBC reported. Following the surgery, the hospital management reportedly offered an apology and, again according to her son, compensated the patient’s family with 500 yuan (approximately $70). (RELATED: British Doctor Sentenced For Sexually Assaulting 24 Patients)

The alleged incident took place in Dec. 2019, according to BBC. However, it was not reported to the hospital group’s headquarters until the video went viral, the outlet reported. In response, the hospital management has reportedly taken decisive action by dismissing the CEO of the hospital and suspending the involved surgeon, who also served as the hospital dean. The group reportedly cited “serious violations of regulations” as the reason for these measures.

The video was released by Dr. Ai Fen, a prominent Chinese doctor with a significant following on the microblogging website, Weibo, BBC reported. Dr. Ai, reportedly known for her early warnings during the Wuhan Covid outbreak, has been in legal disputes with the hospital’s owning group, Aier China, since undergoing a surgery at one of their facilities in 2021. She claims the procedure nearly caused blindness in one eye — a charge the hospital group denies, according to BBC.