Conspiracy-Filled Note Found In Sealed Cereal Box, Other Food Products

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Samuel Spencer Contributor
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The last thing a Pennsylvania man expected to fall out of his box of cereal Monday night was a note containing conspiracy theories.

Joe Miller was simply trying to enjoy a bowl of Lucky Charms when out tumbled a mysterious piece of paper, he told News Nation affiliate WBRE/WYOU. Perplexed, Miller examined the note and found secret messages written within, the outlet reported. Miller reportedly contacted the FBI to report his discovery and apparently reports of cryptic notes are popping up across Pennsylvania and the country.

Upon investigation, it seemed as though the note was placed inside the box before arriving at the store, during production, the outlet reported. But who put it there and what was their motive? The answer remains elusive.

News Nation did not release the full contents of the note, but said it “contains a mash-up of words and references to current events and conspiracy theories.” The outlet also refrained from identifying the store Miller bought the cereal from.

Miller spoke with News Nation affiliate WBRE/WYOU about the mysterious note. “I mean, it just bothers me. The note — really, it’s not the note that really bothers me. It’t just these notes are found inside food — like kids’ food,” he said.

Miller said he bought the box of Lucky Charms from a Luzerne County grocery store, according to The Messenger. (RELATED: ‘Conspiracy Theory’: Censors Flag Former Ambassador For Referencing Political Term Used By George H.W. Bush, Joe Biden)

Miller is one of many Pennsylvanians finding cryptic messages hidden within food packaging, PA Homepage reported. The FDA said they know of the phenomenon and anyone who finds unusual notes within their food packaging should not consume the food and return it to the store they bought it from, according to the outlet.