Video Shows Officers Wrangling Massive Python With Golf Clubs At Private Florida Beach Club

[Screenshot/Vimeo/Public - User: Hideaway Beach Club]

Brent Foster Contributor
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Florida police officers found themselves using golf clubs instead of tasers earlier this month when they confronted a massive Burmese python.

Officers got the call on Dec. 21, amid reports a nine-foot Burmese python was lurking in bushes near a home at the private Hideaway Beach Club, the Marco Island Police Department (MIPD) wrote on X.

Armed with flashlights, golf clubs, and an animal carrier, police officers and security staff from the club swiftly surrounded the beast, according to a video on the club’s Vimeo account.

The video shows the team reaching out with golf clubs swinging as they attempted to get ahold of the snake. A prolonged struggled ensued.

After numerous attempts, one team member managed to grab the Burmese python by its head before they managed to trap it inside the animal carrier.

The Burmese python was eventually turned over to trappers certified by the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC), the MIPD wrote on X. (RELATED: Viral Video Shows Giant Python Hanging By Rafters, Gripping Possum by Neck)

The Hideaway Beach Club, located on southwest Florida’s Marco Island, overlooks the Gulf of Mexico but is a stone’s throw away from the massive Everglades ecosystem where Burmese pythons are an invasive species, according to Naples Daily News.

The snake caught on Dec. 21 may be taller than most humans, but it pales in comparison to a 19-foot Burmese python caught in Florida earlier this year.