Viral Video Shows Giant Python Hanging From Rafters, Gripping Possum By Neck


Mariane Angela Contributor
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A viral video posted Tuesday captured a coastal carpet python’s failed attempt to prey on a brushtail possum.

The footage shows the snake delivering a fatal blow to a brushtail possum, only to accidentally drop its prey. The python was seen perched on the roof, with the possum clutched firmly in its jaws. However, the situation took an unexpected turn when the python was burdened by the possum’s weight. Holding on by just the tip of its tail, the python lost its balance and dropped the possum to the ground. (RELATED: ‘Massive Scream’: Dani Dabello’s Pet Python Chomps Down On Co-Star’s Penis After Filming Scene)

Snake catcher Daniel Busstra shared his insights into the incident, as reported by He explained that the python likely saw the possum while it was resting in the rafters. Following its natural instincts, the python would have struck at the possum. Busstra added that coastal carpet pythons are usually adept at holding onto their prey. This particular python, however, seemed to have overexerted itself. Despite its efforts to retrieve the possum, the snake ultimately had to let go.

“It was definitely trying to pull it back up into the rafters to wrap it back up again,” Busstra said, per “It really had to put in a good effort to get it back up again. If it had a good grip or was wrapped around the rafters mid-body, it would have been able to do it.”