Video Shows Man With Paintball Gun Take On Bear Lounging Under House In Lake Tahoe


Fiona McLoughlin Contributor
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A man fired several shots from a paintball gun at a 500 pound black bear he found hiding under a house on Dec. 26.

Toogee Sielsch, from South Lake Tahoe, California, posted a video on Instagram of the encounter. The video shows him entering the crawl space of the house, aiming the paintball gun inside. He fired a few shots and a black bear can be seen rushing out of the crawl space.

“I had to evict him from under an occupied house that he ripped into,” Sielsch wrote in the caption. “I promise he’s just fine and will surely find another safer spot to [go] over winter.”

Sielsch can be heard referring to the bear as “B” in the video. He calls it a good boy after running out from under the structure, while another person in the video can be heard commenting on the size of the bear. Sielsch told Fox News Digital the name “B” came from seeing a collar on its neck with the tag “B33.”


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He first encountered B33 back in 2019 when he found the tag collar growing into his neck, he told Fox News. He reached out to the Department of Wildlife in Nevada to help remove the collar and save his life. (RELATED: Bear Spotted At Disney World, Forcing Parts Of Magic Kingdom To Close).

“We know each other pretty well,” he told the outlet. “I’ve gotten him out of some other places.”

Sielsch does about 30 bear evictions per year, Fox News reported. Though, it is not his job and rather his “passion” he told the outlet.

He doesn’t usually use paintball guns or crawl under homes like this incident, he told Fox News. Oftentimes he shouts in order to evict a bear.

“PS don’t even THINK about doing what I did there unless you have years of training and experience,” Sielsch wrote in the Instagram caption.