‘This Insane F*ck’: Joe Rogan Obliterates Keith Olbermann For His Riley Gaines Take


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Perennial podcasting powerhouse and all around good dude Joe Rogan took a moment to blast Keith Olbermann’s asinine take on former collegiate swimmer, Riley Gaines.

Speaking to his fellow comedian Tony Hinchcliffe, Rogan recalled an August post from Olbermann which criticized Gaines, claiming she “sucked at swimming” and implied that’s why she “lost” to transgender swimmer Lia Thomas — even though Gaines did not lose to Thomas. The NCAA declared the pair to have tied for 5th in the Women’s 200 Yard Freestyle, despite Gaines apparently posting a better time than Thomas.

Rogan ripped Olbermann for the tweet, calling him an “insane f*ck” for insinuating Gaines wasn’t an accomplished athlete.

“Keith Olbermann said some ridiculous shit about she doesn’t have any athletic accomplishments. So she makes a video in response showing all the awards she’s won. She’s like a serious fucking accomplished athlete. She’s an amazing athlete. But for this insane fuck to say this … ” Rogan said.

Rogan’s guest then pointed to the thrice-fired Olbermann’s rapid fall from grace, wondering aloud “I would love to know what fucking soup he’s been eating or what’s in his diet … ”

“Oh, he’s vegan,” Rogan chimed in. (RELATED: ‘Blatantly Obvious’: Riley Gaines Explains Why She Believes Women Fear Speaking Out Against Trans Athletes)

“Oh is he?” Hinchcliffe asked in a bemused tone before letting out a comical cackle.

The pair weren’t the only ones to note Olbermann’s absurdity. Twitter’s Community Notes feature also corrected Olbermann’s comments, claiming “Riley Gaines was a very successful swimmer ending her College ‘Wildcat’ career as one of the most decorated swimmers in the program’s history. She played an instrumental role in the Wildcats clinching their first ever conference championship title, in 2021.”