Philadelphia Eagles Locker Room Reportedly In A State Of Chaos Due To AJ Brown, Nick Sirianni Beef

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“What’s beef? Beef is when you need two gats to go to sleep.”

Okay, so this might not be as serious as the Notorious B.I.G. song, but it looks like the City of Brotherly Love is dealing with a beef between Philadelphia Eagles superstar wide receiver A.J. Brown and head coach Nick Sirianni — which possibly explains the 1-4 record they’ve had the past five games. (RELATED: You Gambling Degenerates (Like In This Story) Are Gonna Ruin It For People Like Me Who Are Makin’ A Straight Killin’)

During Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals, Brown was spotted shaking his head while being visibly frustrated as he was headed towards the sidelines, this as a result of some questionable fourth quarter play calling from Sirianni.

Then following the contest, Brown was so irritated with things he outright refused to talk to the press.

“There’s nothing to say,” said Brown when questioned about the offensive struggles of the Eagles. “It ain’t directed towards y’all.”

Well, it looks like we might finally know what’s been going on with the Eagles locker room. It’s in a state of chaos as Brown and Sirianni are currently beefing with each other, according to Marcus Hayes of the Philadelphia Inquirer. The split between the two is reportedly “tearing the team apart.”

Via the Inquirer:

“According to teammates, [Brown’s frustration is] directed toward the coaching staff.”

“Apparently, Brown’s emotions remained high. He wanted the chance to win the game. He was denied. He watched Sirianni put the game in the hands of its worst unit.”

Interesting times in Philly … and I got my popcorn in hand.