Shocking Video Appears To Show Ian Ziering Shoving Motorcyclist In Alleged Biker Gang Attack


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous actor Ian Ziering appeared to shove a motorcyclist first before being swarmed by an alleged biker gang, a shocking new video provided by TMZ shows.

Previous videos appeared to show the “Beverly Hills, 90210” actor in an all-out brawl as the bikers allegedly came at him with their fists and chased him across the street after their physical exchange. This new footage, taken from behind Ziering’s vehicle on New Year’s Eve, showed an entirely different angle. Ziering was captured on camera as he excited his car. He appeared to immediately lunge and shove one of the bikers, allegedly initiating the first physical contact, according to the clip posted by TMZ.

The new video showed the beginning of the exchange between both parties. It showed Ziering’s Mercedes stopped on Hollywood Boulevard behind another vehicle blocking him from moving forward. So far, there was no sign of the bikers.

Then the bikers, believed to be part of the 605 Minibike Gang, according to TMZ, could be seen riding up toward the actor’s car in the video. Two bikes went around his car and stopped in front of him. They end up situated between Ziering’s car and the car in front of him. It’s unclear if there was any prior interaction between the actor and the bikers, TMZ reported. It’s also unclear, based on the video, if they were intentionally attempting to block his path, or if they had simply maneuvered in front of him.


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Ziering exited his vehicle seemingly unprompted and quite aggressively, the video shows. He quickly moved toward one of the bikers and appeared to give a good shove, which triggered an apparent greater physical response from the biker, and all the others jumped in.

Ziering spoke out about the incident on Instagram the following day. He released a lengthy statement, claiming he and his daughter were the victims and described the altercation as an act of “hooliganism.” He lashed out at the Los Angeles police for failing to safeguard the general public.(RELATED: Video Shows ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Actor Being Jumped By Group Of Bikers On NYE)

The Los Angeles Police Department is reportedly treating this matter as a felony vandalism/misdemeanor assault investigation, TMZ reported.

The story continues to unfold.