A ‘Classified’ Congressional UFO Briefing Is Kicking Off 2024. Here’s Why It’s Suspicious

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Members of the House Oversight Committee will receive a classified hearing on UFOs/UAPs on Jan. 12, and it feels highly suspicious.

2023 was the most frustrating year for ufologists. After listening to your lawmakers prevaricate about the importance of disclosure of taxpayer-funded UFO research data for months on end, we were left with absolutely nothing to show for their “efforts.” And just as predicted, the same people are already spending their money and time holding closed-door meetings about the very same crap in 2024, according to Axios.

I don’t think UFOs/UAPs are crap. They could very well be real. Every conspiracy theory on aliens and their technology could turn out to be true. But I don’t think our lawmakers are ever going to be told anything about it by the defense department, certainly not anything actionable or meaningful that can be passed on to the general public. So why are they holding this meeting?

My gut tells me the only reason this meeting is being held is either as a distraction tactic, or a dangle of hope for millions of people around the world who just want to know the truth. The session could be used to strategize the best means of deploying a fake UFO narrative all year (it wouldn’t surprise me).

What’s for sure is that this meeting will lead to absolutely nothing substantial in terms of ufology. But it will take these lawmakers away from matters that threaten Americans daily. (RELATED: Everything You Need To Know About The Weirdest UFOs From 2023)

Those lawmakers are apparently Republican Tennessee Reps. Tim Burchett and Andy Ogles, Democratic Florida Rep. Jared Moskowitz, Republican Rep. Paulina Launa, Republican South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace, Republican Montana Rep. Eric Burlison. I’ll be fascinated to see if any of them gets anything done in 2024 as far as UFOs go. But right now, I’m betting they won’t.