Arthur Smith Slams Dennis Allen With F-Bomb After F-Bomb Following Completely Unnecessary (Yet Hilarious) Touchdown

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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I mean … you shouldn’t have let ’em score.

Following his Atlanta Falcons suffering a 48-17 whoopin’ Sunday to the New Orleans Saints, head coach Arthur Smith was absolutely livid. It wasn’t because of the defeat, but a completely unnecessary (yet hilarious) Saints touchdown which took place in garbage time. (RELATED: Just Brutal: Finish To Texas-Colts Game Will Give Tyler Goodson, Gardner Minshew Nightmares For Whole Offseason)

Already holding a 41-17 blowout advantage, New Orleans lined up in victory formation while at the 1-yard line, and everybody watching thought they were going to kneel and run out the rest of the clock. However, they completely trolled Atlanta, as running back Jamaal Williams punched in a touchdown.

Some consider it poor sportsmanship, I consider it to be funny as hell.

Well, Smith wasn’t happy about it … at all.

When the clock ran out at 0:00, he walked up to Saints head coach Dennis Allen for a postgame handshake and my man started letting him have it before he even got to him.

“What are you f*cking doing? That’s f*cking bullshit.”


I find both the garbage time touchdown and Arthur Smith’s reaction to be hilarious, but as far as my take about this whole ordeal, I’m gonna have to go against the “stay classy” crowd and tell Smith he shouldn’t have let the Saints score.

Hey, Arthur, you shouldn’t have let ’em score. It’s really that simple. This is on you, man.

Excellent troll move, New Orleans. And look at the bright side, Atlanta, you still have the better city.